2 & 3 May 2020
Lewisburg, Tennessee
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Children at the event

Children are very welcome to attend! Although we have a great lineup of day time activities for the kids, we do expect parents to be responsible for their children throughout the event as we are not providing day care.

In order for parents to participate in the ritual without interruption, we are planning a night time scavenger hunt (supervised and guided by a responsible adult) to keep them busy and entertained. This does not mean children are not allowed to particpate in the ritual - you know your child better than we do, and if you feel they are mature enough to attend without becoming bored or a distraction, they are very welcome.

We are in the process of testing the activities and projects we have chosen and will be posting them here as they are finalized.

Please email us at info@walpurgisnachtevent.com to let us know how many children under 13 you are bringing so that we can ensure there are enough materials for every youngster in attendance!



Rune rubbings and pendant making

Children will create runes from glued strips of paper and make a rubbing with parchment paper and chalk/pastels. These will be glued onto a wooden pendant base that they'll paint and decorate, and can then proudly wear!



Magic lantern

This lantern looks unassuming during the day, until it's lit at night (battery operated tea light), then all the pretty designs will show! It features a hanger so that it can be carried on the end of a stick, or by hand. The perfect accompaniment for the night time scavenger hunt through the woods! Different themes (witchy/norse/druid) of precut embellishings as well as crayons will be provided.




Other activities will be listed as we finalize them:

Communal painting (4 x 8 feet canvas)
Ribbon overlay skirts
Defeat the unicorn pinata
Night time scavenger hunt through the woods







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