2 & 3 May 2020
Lewisburg, Tennessee
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Michael Wilson has been a practicing Heathen for about 13 years. He moved to the Nashville area in 2010, and once there began helping build up the Heathen community in the Greater Nashville Area. He has helped found 2 kindreds in the area. Serving as Chieftain for the first, and Gothi for the second. During this time he has led scores of rituals, including the main ritual at Pagan Unity Festival for the past 3 years, and several at Nashville Pagan Pride Day. He currently resides in Huntsville, AL. He follows a mostly Anglo Saxon Heathen path, but also borrows from other Germanic paths. He considers himself to be a Germanic Polytheist and works closely with Weyland The Smith. His hobbies include Warhammer, and working on his pyrography.



Roo was born in the Netherlands, raised in Australia, and moved to the USA in 1998. She has lived in Huntsville AL for 12 years and is a full time artist. Descending from three generations of witches and occult practitioners, Roo chose to travel her own solo path early in life by connecting to, and working with, the energy of the universe and listening to its guidance. Her journey has taken her back to the old ways and the primal, and heeded the Horned God when he called her. Her loves are her son, her spinning wheel, working in her studio, red wine, mead making, forests, and the raw force of nature.



Missi moved to Tennessee from Maryland in 2015. She enjoys spending as much time as possible off-grid, working at building her future homestead. There were no opportunities in the Maryland area to grow a Heathen community, so she was very pleased to find so many others here. She has been a practicing Heathen for about 9 years. She works closely with the Goddess Skadhi. Her hobbies include horseback archery, and being outdoors. Missi is the owner of the land at which Walpurgisnacht 2020 will be held.






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