2 & 3 May 2020
Lewisburg, Tennessee
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The Ritual

The ritual at Walpurgisnacht will be focused on honoring the Goddess Freya as Goddess of Magic and Goddess of Fertility. The ceremony will begin by gathering the attendees together at ritual time. The priest will explain the ritual, it's goal, and it's significance. This will be followed by a torch led procession through the woods to the sacred area. Once there, the ritual will begin. If you would like more details about the ritual, then we suggest you attend it.

Each attendee will be making an offering. Suitable offerings will be anything you feel would make a good gift to Her, provided it can be burned. No glass, plastic, or metal shall be placed into the sacred fire.

Suggested offerings include but are not limited to: chocolate, fruit (raspberries, strawberries), honeycomb, honey, candy, mead, fruit liqueurs, chocolate liqueurs, Goldschlager, anything that is sweet and spicy, sweet wines, sweet dark beer, apple cider, fruit nectars, sweet coffee drinks, fresh flowers, amber.

This ritual will be led by Michael Wilson who is very experienced in leading large, moving, public rituals.

Ritual dress will be worn by those performing the ceremony. Guests are encouraged, but not obligated, to do so as well.








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