2 & 3 May 2020
Lewisburg, Tennessee
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What to pack

The land on which this event is held is primitive, with no official camp sites, hookups, electricity, or showers. Therefore, all camping on the land is PACK IN, PACK OUT. This means you are responsible for bringing all the items you will need for camping and personal use during your stay, and you must take with you all the items that you bring, leaving no trace of your stay.

There is access to well water. You are welcome to bring a bucket to fill for washing. It is also suitable for drinking. In addition to this, purified water will be available at all times.

A port-a-potty will be provided.

As far as meals go, dinner will provided on Saturday night, breakfast will be provided on Sunday morning. You are responsible for bringing your own snacks and beverages. Please check the food page for more information.

We are unable to provide refrigeration for medicines, please bring your own cooler.



- Tent and camping equipment, including: bedding, tarps, lanterns/flash lights, canopy, solar lighting. Yes, you can bring a camp stove provided it is gas only - no charcoal grills will be allowed.

- Feast gear! For those who don't know what this is, it means your own plate and utensils. Bring a water bottle or cup for filling at the well or the water station.


- Clothing: Clothing is not optional and must be worn at all times outside of your tent. We encourage ritual wear, if you have it, for the ritual on Saturday evening.

- Toiletries: your personal care and hygiene items as well as insect spray, sunscreen, and a small first aid kit consisting of bandaids, neosporin and tylenol. It may not be a bad idea to pack some wet wipes.

- Snacks and beverages, including the adult kind.

- Cooler and ice.

- CAMP CHAIR! (wait, did we mention this already?)

- Car charger or battery pack for your phone.

- Drums, musical instruments, fire spinning gear.

- Cash: for our merchants, as well as some small fundraisers.

- Your offering for Freya. Read more about this on our ritual page.






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