2 & 3 May 2020
Lewisburg, Tennessee
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Workshop: Exploring Traditional Witchcraft

This interactive workshop will be a look into some of the ideas, practices, and concepts found in Traditional Witchcraft. Levethan will cover the importance of folklore and myth, as well as spirit working and general magic making.

Also to be discussed:

The Genius Loci: The spirits of the land and why their important.
The Ancestors: The importance of recognizing those who came before us.
The Faery Devil and the Faery Queen: Who they are and their roles in folkloric witchcraft.
The Serpent Power: what it is and how it fuels the witch’s work.

Levethan will close the workshop by performing a small ritual with the participants to connect with each of the forces discussed, incorporating a prayer to call on the Ancestors, a calling to the spirits of the land, an invocation of the Witch Gods, and a connection with the Serpent Power.


Levethan Letson has been a witch for 9 years. At 13 he discovered and began practicing Wicca.

After reading The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey, he began to study folkloric witchcraft and magic whilst holding on to the philosophies of Satanism. This led him onto the path to what’s known as Traditional Witchcraft in today’s modern pagan communities.

He continues to build, maintain, and grow his relationship with the Fair Folk, the Faery Devil and The Queen of Elphame.

Levethan is an organizer for Music City Satanists, a ritual artist, and a forever student of the Crooked Path.


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